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Opendesigns gives you free Web designs designed by Gouthamlal. The designs can be used for your websites,blogs,wikis. . . . . The designs here has got w3 validation and it is cleared from errors. You can do anything with these designs.No problem. If you can modify these designs then thats great . Enjoy.............

A design by Gouthamlal.

Please visit opendesigns.blogspot.com for more designs

For suggestions and requests mail me to opndesigns@gmail.com

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The present day Kodungallur, a place of Kerala in India was known as Muziris even before the beginning of Christian era.It had been a prominent port.Jews and Phoenicians had trade through this port in early days.They were followed by Romans,Greeks and Arabs.The Greeks and Romans used to call the port Muziris.People believe that the 'Muruchi' described by Kalidasa in Raghuvamsa and 'Murachipathanam' described by Varahamihira in 'Brahitsamhitha' are the very same Kodungallur of the present Kerala. ....................................................................blog continues

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